Kim in her stufio

Kim in her stufio

About Kim   

Kim earned her BFA from RISD. She was accepted into their European Honors Program and spent her last year of school working and studying in Roman. She also had the opportunity traveled throughout Europe.

That was the beginning of her love of the decorative arts." As and artist I could not help but look at the scope and beauty of the Sistine Chapel without thinking... I want to do that! " More travel and several trips at the Victoria Albert Museum, in London,  honed her appreciation of the power of functional design.

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Sweet Decorative Painting, was started by Kim in 1992 shortly after graduating. It become a vehicle for artistic exploration, and has earned a reputation for excellent craftsmanship as well as creative solutions with timeless design. 

SDP has the privilege for working with many talented designers, architects and builders across the United States and as far away as the Philippines.


BFA RISD in painting 

European Honors Program RISD Award

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